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"The Best-Kept Secret To Grab Your Share Of The $500 Billion Internet Pie"

"In 30 days, I've put more than 100 new orders through WebContactPro to collect monthly recurring revenue! It's simple to use, backed by the best customer support team I have ever seen for any shopping cart ever, and best of all, built by people who understand Internet Marketing."

- Andrea Lee, CEO

FACT: There are over 37 million Websites online today, and 50,000 more go live each week. Do you have a proven strategy to break through the noise and clutter of the online business world?

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FROM: Robert Bell, President

Dear Net Entrepreneur,

Thanks to a new breakthrough in online shopping cart technology, eMarketers like you, and almost any other new eBusiness owner, can now make money on the Internet faster, easier, and with fewer headaches than ever before.

Renowned eMarketers worldwide have made WebContactPro their #1 choice in online shopping cart technology because it is easy to get set-up and gives them an unfair advantage over the competition. Take a moment and read why eMarketers are giving WebContactPro raving reviews:

"WebContactPro was developed by eMarketers for eMarketers. Set-up was easy and took me less than 10 minutes. But what surprised me most was the 'upsell' feature - it automatically doubled my profits in 24 hours without having me lift a finger! This shopping cart is a top-notch… I'll never ever switch."

- Alex Mandossian   AlexMandossian.com

"Just a note to say your new WebContactPro software is terrific. You can literally launch a new business in one hour with it --including an associate program, follow up autoresponders, and everything else you need."

- Marlon Sanders    www.Amazingformula.com

"Finally someone has invented an all-in-one Internet marketing toolbox that does absolutely everything an intelligent webmaster needs in one easy to use package..."

- Terry Dean   www.BizPromo.com

"Being a software provider myself, I always go for 'power' with 'simplicity'. No two words describe the WebContactPro system better. It's simple enough for a 12 year old to use, yet it has enough power for any Fortune 500 company. Try it and see for yourself!"

- Jon Keel, MBA Professor   www.Improved-Results.com

"WebContactPro is the most reliable online order taking system I've ever seen. It's not only easy to set up, it's also scalable so my business will never outgrow it. The advanced features are the best dollar-for-dollar investment I've ever made for my eBusiness. No serious eMarketer should be without the WebContactPro system."

- Tom Antion, President    www.TomAntion.com

"If you expect to make any money on the Internet, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you automate as much as you can. WebContactPro goes way beyond what others are doing. It automates the entire process, not just the shopping cart but also affiliate program, autoresponder, tracking, pop ups, broadcast, etc. But it's real value is in it's ability to automate your Internet business like no other company can."

- Carl Galletti, President   www.AdSecrets.com

If you want to instantly crack the code on how to outthink, outwit, outsell, outpace and outperform all of your online competitors, then click here for your Free 4-week trial.

Takes The Guesswork Out Of Making Money Online

WebContactPro has helped thousands of Net Entrepreneurs - just like YOU - eliminate the uncertainties and hassles of capturing online credit card orders quickly and easily.

But unlike other shopping cart systems, WebContactPro does NOT require any additional software, order forms, or database programs.

Your licensing fee is all-inclusive and gets you the fastest, easiest and most economical way to dramatically increase your sales and profits without spending a single cent more on other shopping cart features. Click here to see WebContactPro features.

If you're still not sure about which shopping cart system is right for you, take a minute and read these common concerns shopping cart users stress and worry about most:

"I need to learn HTML programming to activate my shopping cart system and start taking online credit card orders."

True False Click for answer

"Setting up a shopping cart system takes time and can be a huge hassle, but there's really no way around it."

True False Click for answer

"A free shopping cart system is my smartest choice if I'm on a tight budget because I can always switch to paid a shopping cart later."

True False Click for answer

"Regardless of the shopping cart I use, I still need a separate online database, secure order forms and an email notification system."

True False Click for answer

Like Hiring The World's Greatest Online Sales Team

Wouldn't it be great if you could hire a super talented online sales team that was constantly on call day and night, and worked hard on your behalf to close a bundle of sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

Imagine if this super sales team always showed up to work on time. Was always enthusiastic about converting prospects into lifelong customers. And collectively had the selling skills to promote up to 1,000 different products or services at the same time....

Just think for a moment if this virtual sales team never required salaries. No employee benefits. No payroll taxes. No medical insurance. And never asked for vacation time!

Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn't it?

I thought so too … that is, until my programming team came up with all of the advanced features that make WebContactPro "the world's smartest online shopping cart system." It's like having a top-notch virtual sales team who are dedicated to boosting your online sales … even while you sleep!

Here 's a partial checklist the WebContactPro system offers for as little as $34/month:

Click Here To Get Your Free 4-week Trial!

But wait, there's more. If you order on or before September 22, 2023, we'll also throw in over $230 worth of these powerful cash-grabbing bonus features at no additional cost!

And now we've made "the world's smartest shopping cart" more affordable than ever, if you choose our annual payment option of just $349!, you'll get all the moneymaking modules shown above for a full year, and save almost 15% off the "pay-per-month" fee!

Click Here To Get 15% Off On Your Annual Fee!

"When I hunted for an online shopping cart system for my Website, I wanted all the advanced features at a reasonable price, all in one place. So far, WebContactPro is the only system that meets my needs. There's no other shopping cart system on earth I'd ever consider using after trying WebContactPro."

- Bart Smith, President   www.TheMarketingMan.com

"WebContactPro offers the most comprehensive set of web site success tools available in the easiest and most accessible format. Your site redesign will undoubtedly make a major contribution to your success-- and, in doing so--the success of your clients."

- Roger C. Parker "The $32 Million Dollar Man!"
*Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Certified Master of Guerrilla Marketing

"My sales increased by 150% in one month by using just ONE of the WebContactPro tools. This system helps anyone who can point and click to create, promote and track an online marketing system that produces sales... not just promises. Their tech support staff is friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work!"

- Jim Edwards    www.FSBOHelp.com

"Just when I think the folks at WebContactPro have given us all the tools they can they top themselves and add even more value to their system. WebContactPro has saved us so much time and money it's incredible. We simply couldn't run our business without it."

- Bret Ridgway, President   www.twipress.com

"WebContactpro.com offers more features and better value than any other online order processing service I've found. I use their service with multiple websites and I am very happy with it. I recommend them to everyone I know."

- Alex Carroll, Best-Selling Author   www.CopOuts.com

"Thanks to WebContactPro, I have automated my way into more free time, more money, and less headaches. I run all 15 of my websites using this system and demand my clients buy this system if they want me to help them turn their websites into online sales machines. There just is no substitute for this piece of the Internet equation that was built for sophisticated marketers like me, but simple enough for beginners to utilize. That's why I will never switch!"

- Bart Baggett, Author of "Internet Book Publishing Secrets" and "Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy"

"I've been hired to create traffic for some of the biggest online companies around and I only recommend WebContactPro to my clients and colleagues. There are no substitutes ... only compromises."

- Jim Maddox, President   www.Advanced-Networks.com

By now you should realize that putting WebContactPro to work for you is like having a world-class team of online salespeople in-house and on-call 24/7. And it won't cost you a few hundred thousand dollars in salaries or commissions. In fact, you'll pay less than most Internet marketing consultants charge for an hour's worth of their time.

But really, this offer is essentially risk free because if the WebContactPro system doesn't pay for itself many times over within 4 weeks, just email us for a prompt refund and we'll shut-down your account at no cost to you.  

Now what could be fairer than that?

Right now, you can start creating a future for yourself as a successful eMarketer by rewarding yourself - and your business - with the only shopping cart system that can grow with you.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started for your free 4 week Test Drive!

Wishing you more profits,

Rob Bell, President

PS. If you're still undecided about putting the amazing WebContactPro system into your marketing arsenal, click here to see 21 more reasons to give it a try.

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